The EP-CMG group

The CMG group in the EP department is the "General Software and Physics" group of the CERN CMS Team.  CMG hosts physicists and fellows involved in data analyses, in the planning of CMS for Run III, and in "phase II" upgrade for the HL-LHC. Several group members are also involved (and in some cases have leading roles) in Future Collider studies.

The group has three sections: CMG-DS, CMG-OS and CMG-CO.

DS stands for "Detector Software", though a name that does more justice to it is "Detector Systems". Its activity is mainly organised around software (reconstruction, simulation, performance, and physics studies) for CMS Phase 2 (HL-LHC) detector upgrades and a number of people participate in the HGCAL (High-Granularity Calorimeter) including areas close to the detector systems (Silicon sensors, Modules, Electronics).

OS stands for "Online Selection" and is primarily concerned with the upgrade of the Level-1 trigger of CMS -- also for the HL-LHC era. Here, CMG is one of the leading groups working on "Particle Flow at Lvl-1 trigger". 

CO stands for "Computing", and the section is responsible for several central computing services for the CMS experiment in the area of data management and database interfaces. 

Physics analysis work is carried out by group members working in groups that combine people from different sections.